Institutional Sales

India is passing through an era of awareness in all facets of lifestyle and business.
The growing demand of compliance to international standards, has fueled the need for technical footwear in the Institutional business arena.
Foreseeing this growing trend, M&B has successfully capitalized of its technical capabilities and brand popularity, and set up a complete department to capture a sizable chunk of the Institutional sales market.
M&B Footwear is proud of being associated to some of the most prestigious names in the Institutional business:
1. BATA India Ltd.
2. Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd.
3. British Council Division
5. Denso India Ltd.
7. GAIL INDIA, Jaipur
8. GAIL INDIA, Nasirabad
9. IFFCO – Phulpur
10. ONGC Ltd. Pondicherry
11. Orissa Power Power Generation
12. NPCIL Kaiga

27 Rajput BN GP - UN Mission in Ethopia and Eritrea 2002-03
13. NPCIL Madras
14. NPCIL Narora
15. NPCIL Tarapur
16. REEBOK India Ltd.
17. Tata Chemicals
18. TI Cycles of India
19. Titan Industries
20. U. N. Mission
21. Yamaha Motors

For trade enquiries contact Yogesh Khulbey (+91)-09818399901 Fax +91-120-2580913 or
mail us at yogi(at)mbfootwear.com
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