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iD Footwear

Genesis of iD:

The genesis of i-D goes back to 1989, the college days of Mr.I.D.S.Musafir, when he had to submit a project report at the end of his Footwear Design & Technology course from Southfields College, U.K. For this project, he required a Brand name & after much deliberation he picked up the initials of his name i.e. ID as the brand name of shoes for his project report.

Since then it was always there at the back of his mind to launch a signature line of shoes under the brand name of i-D in the Indian footwear market.

ID Dare to be

The range of ID shoes were launched in India in November 2002, and later re-christened as iD Smart Casuals in April'2004, the then most striking range of footwear to hit the market in the recent times. This hasn't changed as ID continues to entice its young, ever burgeoning clientele with its stellar, over the edge range of funky casuals. So much so that ID is considered as a rage amongst its users and aspirants alike!!

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